SPOUTイベントin山中湖 (English)

Back on Mt. Fuji SupYoga.
Superb view point of Japan.
■ Sunday, June 30, 2019
■ Yamanashi Prefecture Lake Yamanaka Exchange Plaza Kirara
■Advance reservation is required.

①12:30〜13:00 �②13:45〜14:15
■ Expense fee per person 3,000 yen (tax included) Please pay by cash on the day
■ Men participation is possible
■ Please come with easy-to-move clothes that can be wet on the day.
■ Please raise the event to the SPOUT tent by 10 minutes before the start time on the day.
※ When making a reservation, please make a reservation under the name of each participant.
※ You can get multiple reservations with the same name, but please enter the participant’s name in the remarks column.
※ Please note that it may be canceled by the situation such as the weather.
※ Please note that Mt. Fuji may not be visible due to conditions such as weather.
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